This new customer was experiencing supply issues because of poor performance from an existing supplier. Ginho was able to reach a mutually agreeable commercial level for a cast exhaust cone. Importantly we were able to validate samples very quickly and ramp up high volume serial production within a few weeks.
An agile approach and attitude within our Group allowed Ginho to dedicate key team members and resources to overcome critical timing and quality constraints.

With our UK based stocking facility, we were able to minimise the risk to our customer and keep the OEM’s production line operational. From this warehouse, the lead time to the customer’s door in Europe was only 3 to 4 days.
The costs for OEM line stoppage are significant, and Ginho’s support allowed our customer to completely avoid an immediate issue. We have since secured several additional projects with this customer, and our partnership is developing very well in Europe, China, and South America too.

The European customer started a project with a pressed and welded cone assembly involving several components and welds. Following issues in the field and failures with the original design, Ginho successfully secured the business for a singular cast cone, which is now in high volume serial production. In addition to this removing welds and resulting in a more robust component, the customer benefits from only having to source and verify a single component instead of several.

This improved supply chain traceability and minimised risk factors related to vibration within the assembly, and ultimately within the engine. This casting is now also being shipped to our customer’s factory in South America too, so this truly has developed into a key global collaboration. Our customer very much values our support in relation to this project, and we are now working to develop similar opportunities, and reducing risk factors in some of their other programs too.

Ginho have been able to support a UK based customer in the domestic boiler sector who were originally sourcing a secondary supplier for a stainless steel hydroformed tubular component, because of capacity issues with the current source. We produced high-quality sample parts which were approved, Ginho invested in new equipment to support the customer with their demands and installed a dedicated production line.

We have since developed into their number one supplier with the majority share of the business. As Ginho Europe is situated locally to the customer’s factory, our customer service and stocking facility were also critical factors in developing this partnership.