Exhaust components are one of Ginho’s key specialist areas. The company produces components in a wide range of temperature-resistant alloys for many global automotive component manufacturers which are used in both passenger and commercial vehicles. All of whom have demands that need to be met in terms of cost, volumes, and durability for up to a 15-year life cycle.

Ginho’s value added value engineering at the start of a project will always look to combine components, such as cones and sensor bosses, to help customers drive down assembly time, with a keen eye on weight reduction to lessen excess material cost.

Hot stuff

Stainless steel is used for medium temperature applications and high nickel and chromium materials for high temperature applications.

The company has induction melting furnaces to offer extremely clean, low carbon content super alloy materials, which also improve weldability during the assembly process.

Ginho Europe managing director Shaun Gray is very proud of the company’s capability: “Our casting techniques and technology allow us to achieve excellent surface finish and dimensional results, providing cost effective solutions to the market and removing the need for additional process steps such as machining and fabrication.”

The components and steels manufactured by Ginho are meeting the ever-increasing OEM demands for hot end performance-related products, as the sector continues the drive to reduce emissions in line with the new Euro 7 standards being introduced in 2025.

Shaun adds: “Ginho is committed with our R&D work in material development and production techniques to meet the challenges being set by the new regulations and demands from our customers.”
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