More and more customers are benefitting from Ginho engineers’ ability to optimise technology, optimise process and optimise costs – which are the essential principles of Value Added Value Engineering (VAVE).

VAVE is a very exciting part of Ginho Europe’s service because it is not only something that is explored at the start of a contract. Indeed, many customers are gaining advantage from VAVE initiatives mid-contract. “Circumstances may well have changed two years into a seven year contract,” explains European business development manager Stuart Lowe, “so there could be an opportunity for our team of engineers to look at how a process could be simplified, or two components combined into one, or the casting process re-specified. And if the result is a saving on cost, this will be passed on to the customer. What’s not to like?!”

With a team of 150 engineers on board, Team Ginho has a wealth of expertise, experience and sheer brain power to explore what is possible.

Stuart adds: “Of course, VAVE principles will be applied at launch stage, but we believe that VAVE is much more than that. Typically, it has been needed because of a predicted shortage of a particular material or an increase in the price. But these days engineers will also be looking for other benefits – a lighter solution, a quieter solution, lower emissions, easier assembly, less wear or longer life.

“We like to work with our customers very much as a partnership. We are in it for the long-term. And if we can add value at any stage, this has to be good for everyone. And that work ethic runs throughout the Ginho organisation.”

The Ginho Group provides VAVE solutions for a number of major global brands. To find out how the team could help your business, please email [email protected].