Matthias Klasen

Ginho Europe’s German team is led by vice general manager Matthias Klasen, who speaks Mandarin as well as English, French and German and has over 12 years’ experience of the automotive market – having worked for Mercedes, BMW and Continental, as well as Lufthansa.

Born in France, Matthias spent much of his childhood in Beijing. Then in 2010, he moved to Germany to do his apprenticeship in logistics and after that a Bachelor’s degree in logistics management. In 2017, Matthias moved to Ohio in the US to complete his MBA, and now he lives in Frankfurt.

Having joined Ginho last August, Matthias works closely with his commercial manager Sven Eckert, administrator Julian Schulte and other European colleagues who provide quality control, logistics and finance support. The team in Germany is currently thriving on the back of high demand for Ginho products. Matthias says: “We work really closely with our Ginho Europe colleagues, providing customers with a seamless service across the territories to the highest possible standard. Indeed, being very collaborative makes us really productive as a group.”

Ginho Germany sponsors a local football team who have just secured promotion.

Looking ahead, Matthias’s priorities are to capitalise on the areas of market growth and the potential for new technological innovation around combustion engines, for example. He comments: “It is interesting to witness projects involving hydrogen powered cars and trucks, because you don’t need to change the existing infrastructure on a big scale. This is a very interesting area for Ginho Europe.”

To find out more about Ginho’s operation in Germany, please email [email protected].