L to R – Tim Mahoney, Technology Consultant CTO at Marshall Mahoney; WeiWei, European Financial Controller at Ginho; James Marshall, Data & Business Consultant CMO at Marshall Mahoney and Shaun Gray, European Managing Director at Ginho


Ginho has signed a contract with business intelligence specialists Marshall Mahoney as the automotive components group embarks on an ambitious programme of international growth.

The first step of the new partnership will be for Ginho to integrate Marshall Mahoney’s Data Hub product which will bring cutting-edge technology to the company’s financial reporting, with streamlined systems that will continue to offer the most efficient and cost-effective solutions for customers.

Data Hub will provide a single version of the truth, at the touch of a button, in the form of a single dashboard across Ginho’s UK, European, US and Mexico operations. It will consolidate and streamline statistics from multiple sources – including Sage – and legacy systems such as CRM (customer relationship management).

As a cloud-based system, it is serverless, and therefore avoids both risks from technological failure and the need for any upfront infrastructure. Data Hub also brings maximum levels of compliance on an international basis and state-of-the-art cybersecurity.


Shaun Gray, managing director of Ginho, is hugely excited about the company’s investment in Data Hub, saying: “Previously, it would typically take around three days of our financial controller’s time to collate monthly accounts. It will now take less than a minute!

“Similarly, if a customer wants a snapshot at any point, they can have it immediately.”

“Working to a just-in-time model means that timeliness has always been crucial. Now that we will have instant access to live data whenever we need it, we will be able to identify trends that much faster and to predict future needs and upcoming challenges.”

Marshall Mahoney director James Marshall added: “We are delighted to have been contracted by Ginho who epitomises the type of business that Data Hub can help to make huge improvements in terms of efficiency – a global organisation with multiple sites and vast numbers of product lines.”