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Meet Matthias

Ginho Europe’s German team is led by vice general manager Matthias Klasen, who speaks Mandarin as well as English, French and German and has over 12 years’ experience of the automotive market – having worked for Mercedes, BMW and Continental, as well as Lufthansa. Born in France, Matthias spent much of his childhood in Beijing. […]


Value Added Value Engineering

More and more customers are benefitting from Ginho engineers’ ability to optimise technology, optimise process and optimise costs – which are the essential principles of Value Added Value Engineering (VAVE). VAVE is a very exciting part of Ginho Europe’s service because it is not only something that is explored at the start of a contract. […]


Multi-sector product launch engineering

Having brought hundreds of bespoke components to market for customers over the years, the team at Ginho Europe has accumulated vast amounts of experience in delivering new products to multiple sites across Europe on time and in full. Adding value at every possible touchpoint, the Ginho team provides a dedicated service for customers throughout the […]