Inspection Equipment

inspection CMM

Used to verify and control chemical composition of material.

Rockwell / Brinell Hardness Tester:
Used to ascertain the hardness value of material.

Tensile Test Machine:
Used to check the mechanical properties of material in aspects of tensile stress, elongation & yield stress.

2D Projector:
Used to measure relative characteristics by projection in a two dimensional coordinate system

Metallographic Analysis:
Used to make analysis of metallurgical structure of material to ensure it conforms to specification.

Profile Meter:
Used for measuring the profile of lines & sections.

Flourescent Magnetic Particle Detector:
Used to detect surface or sub-surface defects of magnetic metal parts by adopting fluorescent magnetic powder.

Salt Spray Testing Equipment:
To test corrosion resistance in an accelerated atmosphere.

Pressure Test:
Leak testing of parts under specified conditions.