Value in everything
From initial contact through to delivery

Specialist in Automotive and providing the performance
and compliance requirements in a variety of sectors

Local service with the advantages of our globally
competitive leading manufacturing facility

Benefits to you

Customer-first, integrity and investment are engrained in our culture, enabling us to provide a local service with the advantages of our globally competitive leading manufacturing facility all within the company. We strive to add value at every touchpoint to deliver quality products and components to required specifications cost-effectively and provide our customers with a competitive advantage.

Specialists in Automotive

Producing complex components with specific tolerances and surface finishes for automotive applications from our purpose-built facility. Our integrated business model, engineering expertise and collaborative approach, and comprehensive production capabilities ensure the best performance levels in production & high volume economics.


Just in time delivery of quality components managed from the initial call through requirements and order confirmation, manufacture, quality and delivery to your door are all provided by Ginho. Our world-class manufacturing plant and international facilities providing technical/quality, distribution/warehousing, sales, and customer service in each primary time zone which enables Ginho to provide 24/7 customer services.

Engineered Products to your Specifications

Manufactured for a variety of sectors using various types of alloys to accommodate castings for safety-critical applications and a range of strength, corrosion resistance and wear requirements, and can be supplied in the as-cast condition or machined.

Our Services

Value Added / Value Engineering (VAVE) Tailored production processes, meeting technological and engineering requirements, individual sub-assemblies to multiple component assemblies certified to international standards.

Customer First

We continue to establish trusted partnerships and growing our customer base by providing quality products and related services for tier 1 & 2 providers in various sectors. Helping customers overcome their current provider’s stocking and delivery issues, in-field failures and adding real value to the partnerships we develop.

Find out how Ginho can add value and provide you with a competitive advantage.

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