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Emilie Maurer

A huge Ginho welcome to Emilie Maurer who has joined the company as supply chain manager. Emilie has over 15 years’ experience of transport and logistics, with degrees in transport management from Edinburgh and Aix-Marseille universities. In her previous role, she was in charge of transport and documentation for export and import shipments worldwide. She is already making a significant contribution to the business.

Ginho’s European managing director Shaun Gray commented: “Emilie is a fantastic addition to the team, bringing with her excellent credentials as well as outstanding drive and tenacity for delivering excellent customer service”.

Emilie added: “I am really pleased to have joined such an ambitious global business and feel honoured to be part of this dynamic team. I am excited about the challenges ahead and committed to delivering a great service to our customers”.


Members of the Ginho team pictured at 20th anniversary celebrations in China

Launched back in 2003, Ginho  is a global business that now employs more than 1,600 staff, turns over $100 million annually and owns  a production site covering more than 200,000 square metres.

At a celebratory event in Shandong, China, with guests from Ginho Europe and Ginho North America in attendance, President Shaosen Zhang paid a grateful and humble tribute to employees past and present for all their efforts and commitment, helping to create the worldwide success story that Ginho is today.

A special mention was given to the R&D team (responsible for 67 patents over the years), manufacturing, the huge sales effort, quality control, innovation around sustainability, safety, finance and other best practice accreditations alongside corporate social responsibility and keeping staff wellbeing at the top of the agenda.

20th anniversary group photo with President

Left to right: Chad Hempel – MD Ginho America, Shaun Gray – MD Ginho Europe, President Shaosen Zhang, Jim Maiden – European Sales Manager Ginho Europe and Matthias Klasen – Vice General Manager Ginho Germany at the 20th anniversary celebrations

President Zhang also looked to the future with excitement and confidence that the Ginho Group will continue to be at the forefront of innovation and excellence in customer service across all markets.

Ginho’s European managing director Shaun Gray commented: “It was amazing to be part of the 20th anniversary celebrations over in China especially as we had not visited our head office since before the pandemic. While the investment in new equipment, new facilities, and an ever-growing high-calibre team is awesome to us, I am even more excited about sharing future plans and new initiatives with our customers. Watch this space!”





Gaomi Yonghe Precision Casting Co. Ltd was established


Started to build YH Industry Park in ETZ49

Stainless steel precision welding tube for vehicle engine put into production


NC machining line put into production


Investment casting line is put into practice


Accomplished relocation to YH Industry park in ETZ


The first employee shareholding reform


Rebranded as GINHO


Passed Quality Certificate of LATF16949


Graded as fifth batch of state-level green factory


Rewarded “National High-Tech Enterprise”


Ginho recognised as the Gazelle Enterprise of Shandong Province and the single

Manufacturing champion of Shandong Province

Company has passed AEO Customs advance certification

Shaun Gray, Nick Barton – Birmingham Airport CEO, Mark Smith – executive director of business engagement at Aston University, Mandy Haque – Greater Birmingham Chamber of Commerce and Brenda Van Horn, commercial counselor for the US Embassy in London.

Shaun Gray, Nick Barton – Birmingham Airport CEO, Mark Smith – executive director of business engagement at Aston University, Mandy Haque – Greater Birmingham Chamber of Commerce and Brenda Van Horn, commercial counselor for the US Embassy in London.


Ginho Group is delighted to become the first patron of the new Greater Birmingham Global Chamber of Commerce in the United Kingdom.

This Global Chamber presents businesses with many opportunities to consolidate and grow their international footprints, making and exporting quality commodities to the world and adding value to other goods and services before they reach their eventual markets overseas or domestically.

As a company we are already seeing the benefits of this connection thanks to an introduction from the Chamber which is speeding up plans to open a facility in Mexico.

Ginho’s European managing director Shaun Gray, who is also president of the Burton & DistrictChamber of Commerce, said:

“Opening a base in Mexico is part of our commitment to follow the global demands of our customers and to continue to offer our supply chain solutions all around the world. Introductions made through the Global Chamber to the Mexican Embassy has helped us speed that process up.

“Up until a few weeks ago, we were still doing a lot of fact-finding but the Mexican Embassy have put us in touch with the right people – not only from a national government point of view but in the two regions where we’d like to establish our business.

“They are now putting plans in place for us to talk to them directly and to visit those regions.”

Ginho already has a huge presence globally – with 1,800 employees in China, Europe, the UK and the US.

As a patron of the Global Chamber, Shaun says the firm hopes to pass on valuable insights to other Midlands firms who are looking to do business internationally.

He said: “The Chamber locally helped us establish our supply chain partners. We now have a lot of connections with the automotive and freight sectors.

“Wherever we can, we’d like to join those dots to bring more of the global supply chain back to the Midlands.

“We travel the world, so in terms of bringing economic data back to organisations at the Chamber, we can give real time feedback on what we’re seeing in North America, Mexico, China, Germany and all the places in Europe where we’re doing business.

“You don’t always get that from looking at reports or parts of the media. We’re willing to share what we know and who we know.”