Ginho Europe is supporting International Women’s Day (8th March 2022) and celebrating the achievements of the female members of the team.

European managing director Shaun Gray has long been a champion of a more diverse and inclusive culture and is really proud of the opportunities that Ginho is providing for women:

“The automotive sector is really progressive and has been taking a lead on equitable working practices. As part of our European team, Theresa, Weiwei, Jess and Mandy bring a wealth of skills and knowledge to our business, and they all have ambitious plans to develop, as does the rest of the team.

“In my opinion, the automotive industry as a whole has made great progress in terms of diversity and inclusion – which extends to improved working conditions and the banning of unethical practices.”

“There is no bias here at Ginho and there is no barrier to progress. We actively encourage all team members to embrace personal development, to take on new responsibilities and to take advantage of training programmes that are happily funded by the company. We are now supporting Mandy, for example, through her HR qualifications.”