Theresa Mackay, European Quality Engineer at Ginho Group supports International Women's Day 2022

Theresa Mackay, European Quality Engineer at Ginho Group supports International Women’s Day 2022

With 16 years’ experience across a number of different sectors, Ginho Europe’s Theresa Mackay sees International Women’s Day as an opportunity to champion women in engineering in sectors which decades ago were traditionally dominated by men, but today are providing women around the world with fantastic career opportunities.

Theresa welcomes International Women’s Day theme of #BreakTheBias, and says: “I am really fortunate to work for a progressive, inclusive business now and I really do encourage other women to pursue their dreams with confidence and to be proud of their achievements.”

Theresa started work in food retail. Then when she moved down to Nottingham from her native Glasgow, she worked for a plastics manufacturer and it was here that she quickly became fascinated with production processes, engineering and quality control.

Fast forward 16 years and she is thriving in her role as European quality engineer at the Ginho Europe, having worked in aluminium extrusion and rail freight maintenance along the way.

Ginho Europe is developing a global footprint which comprises a world class manufacturing site in China with business centres in the UK, Germany and the USA. From Ginho’s European Centre in Burton upon Trent, over five million high quality precision castings, components and assemblies are exported annually to automotive and other sector manufacturing sites across Europe.

Since joining Ginho Group in 2020, Theresa has been party to many challenges with Covid and Brexit, but the business had a record year in 2021 and has an ambitious growth target for 2022 and beyond.

Part of the senior team, Theresa’s remit is very broad running internal and external audits for customer contracts, research and development, running quality management systems, advising customers, supplier support, data analysis with some health and safety responsibilities too.

“We supply some of the world’s leading automotive brands with divisions in several continents that require consistent, just-in-time support to their local manufacturing sites. This means that quality has to be in everything! It has to run through the business. And as a result, our on-time performance, quality rating and overall customer satisfaction scorecard measures are all over 90%, including 98% for on-time delivery, but we have to be permanently ahead of the game.”

Theresa’s favourite part of the role is getting involved with new products and being part of the planning process. She says: “I love working out how we can make the part and predicting the challenges so they don’t become problems.”

This year, Theresa will be overseeing ISO 9001 for Ginho’s operation in Germany and she is hoping to go to China to visit the company’s state of the art factory, to see the manufacturing process in real life. She says: “I find our Chinese colleagues hugely respectful and helpful – and would love to see production first hand.”

Passionate about engineering and passionate about encouraging more women into the field, Theresa’s advice to any woman thinking about a career in this area is: “Go for it! I did not go down the academic route, but I would recommend it to others.” Theresa has however successfully completed numerous vocational training courses covering health and safety, ISO 9001 auditing and driving a forklift truck!

Theresa adds: “I am very lucky that at Ginho there is a very inclusive culture with a truly equitable environment that allows every member of the team to thrive, regardless of gender. And I can’t wait to see what the future holds and what we can achieve together as a team.”

Ginho Europe is supporting International Women’s Day (8th March 2022) and celebrating the achievements of the female members of the team.

European managing director Shaun Gray has long been a champion of a more diverse and inclusive culture and is really proud of the opportunities that Ginho is providing for women:

“The automotive sector is really progressive and has been taking a lead on equitable working practices. As part of our European team, Theresa, Weiwei, Jess and Mandy bring a wealth of skills and knowledge to our business, and they all have ambitious plans to develop, as does the rest of the team.

“In my opinion, the automotive industry as a whole has made great progress in terms of diversity and inclusion – which extends to improved working conditions and the banning of unethical practices.”

“There is no bias here at Ginho and there is no barrier to progress. We actively encourage all team members to embrace personal development, to take on new responsibilities and to take advantage of training programmes that are happily funded by the company. We are now supporting Mandy, for example, through her HR qualifications.”

One year on, Ginho has delivered on our Brexit promise to our customers. Indeed, despite the challenges and trepidation as Britain left the EU after 47 years of membership, through meticulous forward-planning, Ginho has played to its advantage and emerged stronger than ever. We have established a trans-continental infrastructure that combines world class products from our global manufacturing site with a local service that consistently achieves high levels of service, logistics and technical support across the US, 14 separate European countries, and the UK. Follow this link to read the full story from supply chain manager Joshua Hancock-Brown.

12 months on from Brexit, supply chain manager Joshua Hancock-Brown explains how Ginho Group took a proactive approach to the UK’s departure from the EU and also looks forward, with 29 more European territories on the horizon!

“Thinking outside the box is something that is second nature to us here at Ginho Europe. And as we contemplated the best way of tackling the challenges posed by Brexit, we started with a very clear, simple focus: how do we make this as easy as possible for our customers? And moved forward from there.

“We quickly took the view that we needed to be able to get to a point where all customers needed to do was take delivery and pay the invoice!

“While at the same time, minimising any impact on lead times. This meant us dealing with all the paperwork and taking responsibility for shipping. Customers could therefore continue to enjoy the benefits of DDP – delivery duty paid (as in pre-Brexit times) relieving them from the red tape, hassle and unpredictability we saw in the marketplace when operators chose to move to DAP (delivered at place).

“Meanwhile, we provided continuity and minimum disruption. With our customers operating highly efficient just-in-time manufacturing sites, a key priority was to ensure that we could continue to provide the same door-to-door shipping service. To do this, we worked with our parent company and manufacturing colleagues to negotiate and bring forward production and shipping by a week for each customer to mitigate any supply issues.

“Planning in advance of the Brexit deadline allowed us to fully understand the changes we needed to implement as well as explore any opportunities as a team and ensure smooth transition for our customers. As we were already exporting to 14 countries across Europe this required us to set up 14 separate EU VAT registrations and a new EU EORI number.

“A few more days were needed on some occasions around lead-times at our end, but given we had decided to up our stock levels in the UK and in Germany with a six week buffer, our customers were protected from any supply issues.

“And still we remain proactive! For example, a priority this year is to further improve efficiencies by making documentation processes more automated. We are looking to increase volumes and consolidate the shipping schedule alongside the introduction of service level agreements around stock levels. And we have also started to implement a customer satisfaction survey, enabling us to continually review, learn and refine our service.

“Having established a flexible, dynamic blueprint in readiness for Brexit. We can now see many positives around the UK being able to set its own trade policy and negotiate deals with other countries.

“We have ambitious plans to expand and we are now equipped to grow the business across many more EU and non-EU European territories, delivering more castings, components and assemblies for more companies across more countries and indeed continents.”

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Photo: L to R pictured are John Beaty, Deputy Principal at Burton and South Derbyshire College (BSDC), Shaun Gray, European MD of Ginho Group and Ann Walton, International Operations Manager at BSDC

We are proud to announce our European MD, Shaun Gray has been appointed as Patron of International Operations at Burton and South Derbyshire College joining the College’s impressive list of patrons across its broad range of areas.

The College’s network of patrons mean that students benefit from an industry-led curriculum, access to key industry contacts and the opportunity to work on live briefs for real companies. This supports the College in delivering its Skills Promise and ensuring that when students complete their course, they will be job ready with the transferable skills and qualities they need to make an impact in their chosen industry or profession.

Shaun, who studied Engineering at Burton and South Derbyshire College said: “I am really excited about working with the College on this remit. International trading is a key focus for Ginho – working globally while delivering locally – and so I can’t wait to get involved with the next generation of global workers. I am sure this patronage will be hugely beneficial to my own personal development as well as, hopefully, the students!”

Burton and South Derbyshire College has got a reputation for being a ‘global college’ and was recently shortlisted in the British Council International Award category of the AoC Beacon Awards. International work is embedded into the wider college ‘system’ which has seen international learners become part of the fabric of the organisation.

John Beaty, Deputy Principal of Burton and South Derbyshire College, added: “We’re delighted to have Shaun joining our network of patrons. Shaun brings with him a wealth of experience in international business and will be an extremely inspirational figure for our learners who are just starting out in their careers. Our international work is incredibly important to us as it not only provides learners from throughout the world with excellent learning experiences but it also allows our domestic learners to gain valuable insights into other world cultures, broadening their global outlook and adding value to their future career prospects.”

Pictured are Ginho staff accepting the win for the International Trade award at the Staffordshire chamber of commerce awards

Ginho Group has been named as the winner of the International Trade category at the Staffordshire Chambers of Commerce annual business awards.

Sponsored by the Department of International Trade, this award recognises companies who excel in exporting by paying particular attention to the whole process, including developing overseas opportunities, strategic partnerships, and the overall benefit the international activity brings to Staffordshire.

This is particular recognition for supply chain manager Joshua Hancock-Brown and his supply chain team who have led the way during Brexit and Covid, delivering great service to customers despite the challenges faced.

MD of Ginho Group Europe Shaun Gray said: “I’m incredibly proud of how we have navigated the last 18 months to ensure supply to our customers across Europe. The International Trade award is great recognition for the team who have worked tirelessly through Brexit and Covid-19 to maintain supply to our customers.

“Thanks also go to our customers, suppliers, and local communities – we couldn’t win awards such as these without our great partnerships which continue to play such a vital role in our success.”

Announcing Ginho Group as the winner on the night, one of the judges said:

“It’s been a difficult 18 months and companies trading internationally really had to raise their game – it was a humbling experience to read and judge the entries which were all at a tremendous level. The winning company Ginho, strategised, it planned ahead, and it took Brexit in its step. We couldn’t believe the steps they had taken; it was phenomenal. They used their bespoke manufacturing plant to bring products into the UK and what they did to change their certificate of origin was very, very impressive.”

Congratulations to all the award winners and those shortlisted on the night – it was a brilliant evening of celebration. You can read about the awards here Awards – Staffordshire Chambers.

Ginho Group wins Employer of the Year at the East Staffordshire & South Derbyshire Business Awards 2021. Staff pictured as they proudly accept the award

We are honoured to have been named Employer of the Year at the East Staffordshire & South Derbyshire Business Awards 2021. Employer of the Year at the East Staffordshire & South Derbyshire Business Awards 2021 winners are Ginho Group

Over 250 business people gathered at Burton Albion Football Club for the inspiring annual awards and huge congratulations go to all the businesses who were crowned winners on the night and to the amazing companies who were shortlisted.

Commenting on winning employer of the year, MD of Ginho Group Europe, Shaun Gray said:

“We have an amazing team at Ginho and I’m incredibly proud of how they have navigated the last 18 months to ensure supply to our customers across Europe. Winning this award recognises how the team have supported each other and at the same time maintained a working environment that is a fun and exciting place to be, even in these uncertain times.

“Importantly, I would add that this award is not only a huge testament to us as an employer but also reflects the relationships we have nurtured with all our other stakeholders. We work in close partnership with our customers, suppliers, and local communities; and we view them all as part of the extended Ginho team and they all continue to play an important role in our success.”

Infinity IT Solutions sponsored the category and judges MD Simon McAlpine and marketing manager Leanne Kavvadian, who visited our site and met the team as part of the judging process, said:

“Ginho is an outstanding employer in the local area and a business to aspire to. Committed to their people they encourage personal development, offer an extensive list of benefits, and truly care. So much so, they are more like family than an ’employer’… we wouldn’t mind a job at Ginho ourselves! Not only are their culture and team impressive, but the overall business performance and growth too. This award was richly deserved, keep up the great work.”

Ginho staff standing outside headquarters pleased to annouce thier shortlisting for two regional business awards.

We’re delighted to announce that Ginho Group is a finalist in two UK regional business awards – a great achievement by the team.

In the Staffordshire Chamber of Commerce Awards, we are pleased to be a finalist in the International Trade category which recognises businesses who excel in exporting. The criteria pay attention to identifying overseas opportunity to meet market requirements, strategic international partnerships, and benefiting the region.

The Burton & South Derbyshire business awards have named Ginho as a finalist in the Employer of the Year category which recognises human resource and staff engagement strategies including training, development, and work-life balance.

European managing director Shaun Gray commented on being shortlisted at both awards, he said:

“We are incredibly proud of how our team has navigated the challenges of both the pandemic and Brexit to maintain supply to our customers so it’s great recognition to reach the finals.”

The Staffordshire Chamber of Commerce Awards will be announced on the 18th November and the Burton & South Derbyshire Awards will be announced on 11 November.

Ginho Group Europe is delighted to announce Sven Eckert’s appointment as European commercial manager.

Based at Ginho’s site in Dietzenbach, Germany, Sven is responsible for supporting global customers with the provision of high quality precision castings and components to their local manufacturing sites across Europe.

Sven has extensive expertise within the automotive industry, most recently with Magnetec GmbH where he partnered with automotive leaders Tesla, BMW and Porsche.

During his 15-year career he has held several management roles, including Account Manager for Shinano Kenshi Group, a company that contributes to meeting growing demands for autonomous robots and mobile platforms.

He studied Industrial Engineering at the University of Applied Sciences Mittelhessne in Germany. In his spare time, Sven enjoys alpine hiking, rock festivals and gardening.

Ginho's European MD Shaun Gray accepting the honour of being elected the Burton and District Chamber of Commerce

Managing director Shaun Gray has been elected President of the Burton and District Chamber of Commerce, which serves the East Staffordshire business community where Ginho’s European head office is located.

During his two-year tenure Shaun will collaborate with appointed council members from leading businesses across the region as they look to help shape the local business and international trade agenda.

Commenting on Shaun’s appointment, Chris Plant, director of Burton and District Chamber of Commerce, said:

“Shaun is vastly experienced in international trade, and I am looking forward to working with him and focusing on helping our members become aware of the international trade opportunities that are on the horizon.”

Shaun took over the presidential reins from Nik Hardy, founder and managing director of Hardy Signs. Nik Hardy will remain on the Chamber’s council as vice-president, alongside Chris Else, managing partner of Else Solicitors, and Stacy Brown, commercial services manager at Dains LLP, who will also serve as vice-presidents.

“I feel extremely proud to accept this role at such a pivotal time for our region and country,” said Shaun about his appointment.

“The continued unlocking of the economy from Covid restrictions and Brexit allowing the UK to set its own trade policy both bring new opportunities for businesses to diversify and grow. I’m really looking forward to collaborating with our Council team to support sustainable growth at all levels and sectors as well as sharing my experience in international trade.”

Ginho globally continues to grow and develop, we are consistently investing in new technology to add value to our world class manufacturing facility. The European division continues to grow and in doing so there have been several new welcome additions to the European team.

Mr Damien Taylor has been with the business for over 6 years. Damien has transitioned through Ginho in various roles gaining experience in many areas of the business. He has now been promoted to Ginho European Product Launch Engineer here he supports customers and internal team members from the start of new sample orders until they get to serial production.

Mrs Theresa Mackay recently joined the business as our European Quality Engineer, Theresa has a wealth of knowledge along with hands-on experience. Theresa offers support to all our colleagues at all our global locations and provides valuable support and assistance to our customers with technical and quality systems and documents.

Mrs Wei Wei To joined the business in March as our European Financial Controller. Wei Wei has extensive financial knowledge and experience and is responsible for all financial aspects of the business throughout our European divisions.